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Knowledge About 2010 Video Games
1. Swimming at the 1987 Pan American Games Women's 4 200 metre freestyle relay of swimming pool The women's 4 200 metre freestyle relay competition of the swimming events at the 1987 Pan American Games took place on 9 August at the Indiana University Natatorium. It was the first appearance of this event in the Pan American Games. This race consisted of sixteen lengths of the pool. Each of the four swimmers completed four lengths of the pool. The first swimmer had to touch the wall before the second could leave the starting block. ------ 2. National team career of fan games Butler saw action for the Panamanian national team in other important tournaments apart from the Pan American games. These included the Central American and Caribbean Games, the Pre-Olympics and others. It was because of this international exposure that he, at 6 feet and 8 inches (80 inches) tall, became known by many basketball fans as one of the most dominant centers in the Spanish-speaking countries during his era as a basketball player. ------ 3. Swimming at the 1979 Pan American Games Men's 4 100 metre freestyle relay of dively The men's 4 100 metre freestyle relay competition of the swimming events at the 1979 Pan American Games took place on 3 July at the Piscina Olimpica Del Escambron. The last Pan American Games champion was the United States. This race consisted of eight lengths of the pool. Each of the four swimmers completed two lengths of the pool. The first swimmer had to touch the wall before the second could leave the starting block. ------ 4. Swimming at the 1995 Pan American Games Men's 4 200 metre freestyle relay of swimming pool The men's 4 200 metre freestyle relay competition of the swimming events at the 1991 Pan American Games took place between March 1217 at the Complejo Natatorio. The last Pan American Games champion was the United States. This race consisted of sixteen lengths of the pool. Each of the four swimmers completed four lengths of the pool. The first swimmer had to touch the wall before the second could leave the starting block. ------ 5. Coaching career of fan games Beith entered football coaching, obtaining UEFA B Licence and Scottish Football Association (SFA) Advanced Youth Licence qualifications. He began his coaching career at Arbroath, where he was appointed youth coach in 2009, before working as a Player and Coach Development Officer at the SFA East Region office in Dundee. In June 2015 he was appointed as the first head coach of Dundee United's newly formed women's team. . ------ 6. Lisa Smith-Batchen of adventure games Lisa Smith-Batchen is an ultramarathon runner and Ironman competitor. She was the first American to win Marathon des Sables. Smith-Batchen has been featured in cover stories in The NY Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post and Winning Magazine. She also appears in a film about the Badwater Ultramarathon, entitled Running Under the Sun. Smith-Batchen lives in Driggs, Idaho. She has two children with her husband Jay Batchen. They run Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventure Club together. ------ 7. Kurash at the 2018 Asian Games Men's 90 kg of misri The men's Kurash 90 kilograms competition at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia was held on 30 August at the JCC Assembly Hall. Kurash is a traditional martial art from Uzbekistan that resembles wrestling. There are three assessment system in Kurash, namely Halal, Yambosh, and Chala. Halal is if an athlete Kurash is able to slam his opponent in the back. Yambosh is the imperfect of Halal, two Yambosh same as Halal. ------ 8. Wrestling at the 1962 Asian Games Men's freestyle 87 kg of kilogram The men's freestyle 87 kilograms (middleweight) freestyle wrestling competition at the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta was held from 28 to 29 August 1962. The competition used a form of negative points tournament, with negative points given for any result short of a fall. Accumulation of 6 negative points eliminated the wrestler. When three or fewer wrestlers remained, they advanced to a final round, with only preliminary results amongst them carried forward. ------ 9. Anecdote of fan games Bekeza was involved in a situation on July 4, 1947, while managing the Elizabethton Betsy Cubs. During that game, Bekeza started an argument with umpire Jeff Puckett, who ended up being knocked unconscious and getting a broken nose by an angry Elizabethton fan. Bekeza was fined $20 and suspended three games for starting the initial argument, and the team was fined $75 for allowing money to be collected in the stands to pay the fine levied on Puckett's attacker. . ------ 10. Medal TallySummer Paralympic Games of claire 2016Australia was represented by: Men - Nic Beveridge, Bill Chaffey, Brant Garvey Women - Kate Doughty, Katie Kelly, Michellie Jones (guide for Kelly), Claire McLean Officials - Team Leader - Kathryn Periac ; Assistant Team Leader/Coach - Craig Redman ; Coaches - Corey Bacon, Shaun DAuria ; Mechanic/Handler - Mechanic/ Handler ; Handler - Darren Tattersall Katie Kelly with guide Michellie Jones won a gold medal. ------ 11. Track listings of games 12" maxi - Promo"Games" (the kids get hard mix) 5:22 "What'cha Gonna Do (About It)" (Arthur Baker remix) 5:51 "Call It What You Want" (C&C pump it mix) 5:31 "My Favorite Girl" (remix) 5:29CD maxi"Games (the kids get hard mix extended version) 5:22 "Games (album version) 3:27 "(You've Got It) The Right Stuff" (New Kids in the house mix) 5:36 "Treat Me Right" 4:177" single"Games" (the kids get hard mix 7" mix) 3:58 "Games" (the album version) 3:27 ------ 12. Adventure A: Planet of Death of adventure video games Adventure A: Planet of Death is a text adventure from Artic Computing released for the Sinclair ZX81 (and 4K ZX80) in 1981. It was also released for the ZX Spectrum in 1982, Commodore 64 in 1984, and Amstrad CPC in 1985. A version for Android was released in January 2019 and is available on the Google Play Store. The game was followed by Adventures B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. ------ 13. Races of games SummaryIn the Europe Male at race area Orange only six races could be completed. By the male participants, Thomas Ribeaud, France, got a major lead of over 16 points over his opponent Marc Paris Gilbert from Spain. Arne Berg from Germany took the bronze. Resultsdnc did not compete dns did not start dnf did not finish dsq disqualified ocs on course side ret retired after finish Crossed out results did not count for the total result.Daily standingsVictors ------ 14. George Woodend of kids games George Anthony "Dandy" Woodend (December 9, 1917 May 1, 1980) was a professional baseball pitcher. He appeared in three games in Major League Baseball with the Boston Braves in 1944. Woodend was recruited out of a Hartford, Connecticut high school by the Philadelphia Athletics. Immediately following graduation in 1937, he was scheduled to report to the Athletics, where he said they would send him to Temple University. He attended spring training with the A's in 1938, but was soon optioned to the Minor League Baseball Class A Williamsport Grays. ------ 15. Ryan Allsop of fan games Ryan Allsop (born 17 June 1992) is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Wycombe Wanderers. He started his career as a youth player at West Bromwich Albion, before moving to Millwall in 2011. He subsequently joined League One club Leyton Orient in July 2012. He joined AFC Bournemouth in 2013. He joined Coventry City on a six-month loan deal in 2014 he made 27 league appearances for them before returning to AFC at the beginning of 2015. ------ 16. High Frontier of 2010 video games High Frontier may refer to: The High Frontier, a 1976 book about space colonization by Gerard K. O'Neill High Frontier, Inc., an American think tank established in the 1980s by former Lieutenant General Daniel O. Graham High Frontier (video game), a 1987 video game by ZX Spectrum games High Frontier (board game), a 2010 board wargame by Sierra Madre The High Frontier (album), 2013 album by American band Lumerians ------ 17. Football at the 2011 All-Africa Games Women's tournament The 2011 All-Africa Games football Women's tournament was the third edition of the All-Africa games to include women's football. The football tournament was held in Maputo, Mozambique between 3 and 18 September 2011 as part of the 2011 All-Africa Games. Eight teams took part to the tournament. The tournament was won by Cameroon, which defeated Ghana 10 in the gold medal game. Madeleine Ngono scored the game-winning goal in the 56th minute for Cameroon, which collected their first ever All-Africa Games gold medal. ------ 18. Mortville Manor of adventure video games Mortville Manor (French: Le Manoir de Mortevielle) is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Lankhor in 1987 on Atari ST. There were several adaptations, amongst the Amstrad CPC, Amiga, DOS ports. The DOS version was released in 1988, adapted by Clement Roques. The game was released in French, English (Translated by Mick Andon) and German. The game incorporates speech synthesis. The game sold 10,000 copies around Europe. Mortville Manor was followed by its sequel Maupiti Island, taking place on a tropical island. ------ 19. 1998 Commonwealth Games of lifting equipment When Kuala Lumpur hosted the 1998 Commonwealth Games Eng Tong was honoured by becoming the Queen's Baton Relay Final Runner for these games, who at 77 handed the baton which contained the Queen's message to Prince Edward, the Queen's representative and Commonwealth Games Federation president. The games were the first hosted by an Asian country and for the first time in the history of the games that all 70 Commonwealth countries took part. ------ 20. Sean Barrett (writer) of adventure games Sean Barrett (born 1959) is a writer, nucleonicist, former member of the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee, and the grandson of Linton Lomas Barrett. He is the author of GURPS Lensman: Starkly Astounding Space-Opera Adventure, a book of role-playing instructions carefully based upon the Lensman series by E.E. Smith, and authorized by Dr. Smith's literary executor, Verna Smith Trestrail. He was a nucleonicist on the USS Ohio (SSBN-726), and senior health physicist on the Three Mile Island Unit Two Recovery Team. ------ 21. Swimming at the 1979 Pan American Games Men's 4 200 metre freestyle relay of dively The men's 4 200 metre freestyle relay competition of the swimming events at the 1979 Pan American Games took place on 6 July at the Piscina Olimpica Del Escambron. The last Pan American Games champion was the United States. This race consisted of sixteen lengths of the pool. Each of the four swimmers completed four lengths of the pool. The first swimmer had to touch the wall before the second could leave the starting block. ------ 22. Kabaddi at the 1994 Asian Games Kabaddi was contested by five teams at the 1994 Asian Games in Hiroshima, Japan from October 12 to October 14. India won the gold by a 4-0 record, For India the crunch match was against Pakistan, their first match against Pakistan was abandoned in controversial circumstances when the scores were tied 19-all with more than a minute left for the final whistle. A replay was ordered by the technical committee. ------ 23. Triathlon at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games of run 2 The Triathlon at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games was held at the Boardwalk, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Philippines on December 1 and 2. The participants are competing for individual gold medals in the men's and women's events. The SEA Games distances for the three disciplines are: Swimming - 1500 m Road cycling - 40 km Road running - 10 km The events will run in sequence, so that the person who crossed the line in first place at the end of the run is declared the winner. ------ 24. Badminton at the 2015 Pan American Games Men's doubles The men's doubles badminton event at the 2015 Pan American Games will be held from July 1116 at the Atos Markham Pan Am Centre in Toronto. The defending Pan American Games champions are Howard Bach and Tony Gunawan of the United States. The athletes will be drawn into an elimination stage draw. Once a team lost a match, it will be not longer able to compete. Each match will be contested as the best of three games. ------ 25. MedalistsResults of games HeatsQualification: First 4 of each heat (Q) and the next 4 fastest (q) qualified for the quarterfinals. Wind:Heat 1: 0.5 m/s, Heat 2: 1.3 m/s, Heat 2: 0.0 m/s, Heat 4: 0.3 m/s, Heat 5: 0.7 m/s, Heat 6: 0.3 m/s, Heat 7: 0.3 m/s QuarterfinalsQualification: First 4 of each heat qualified directly (Q) for the semifinals. Wind:Heat 1: 0.8 m/s, Heat 2: 0.5 m/s, Heat 2: 1.3 m/s, Heat 4: 0.4 m/s SemifinalsQualification: First 4 of each heat qualified directly (Q) for the final. Wind:Heat 1: 0.4 m/s, Heat 2: 0.4 m/s FinalWind: 1.4 m/s ------ 26. Let the banners flutter of dice games Let the banners flutter (German: Weit lasst die Fahnen wehen) is a German song written by composer Gustav Schulten (30 January 1897 - 1945) in 1917, and published nationally in Germany in the year 1941. The song refers to the Landsknecht movement. A Landsknecht is the name given to a mostly German mercenary of the late 15th and 16th centuries who fought on foot and whose primary weapon was the pike, following the Swiss model of the Reislufer. ------ 27. Notable chess games of marienbad Ivan Vladimir Rohaek vs Josef Rejfi, Luhaovice 1935, Old Benoni, A43, 1-0 Jan Foltys vs Ivan Vladimir Rohaek, Munich 1941, Europa Turnier, Tarrasch Defense, Von Hennig Gambit, D32, 0-1 Ivan Vladimir Rohaek vs Klaus Junge, Munich 1942, 1st European Championship, Semi-Slav Defense, Marshall Gambit, D31, 1-0 Ivan Vladimir Rohaek vs Enrico Paoli, Trenianske Teplice 1949, Four Knights Game, Scotch Variation, Accepted, C47, 1-0
Introduction to 2010 Video Games
1. Athletics at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games Men's javelin throw of marathon distance The men's javelin throw at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games as part of the athletics programme was held at the Perry Lakes Stadium on Saturday 24 November 1962. The event was won by Australian Alf Mitchell with a throw of 256 ft 3 in (78.11 m), breaking his personal best by over a foot. Mitchell won by 6 12 in (17 cm) ahead of the defending champion, Englishmen Colin Smith and fellow countryman Nick Birks who won the bronze medal. Mitchell throw also set a new Games record, eclipsing the mark that Smith had set in Cardiff four years earlier. The previous distance of 233 ft 10 12 in (71.29 m) was also bettered by Smith, Birks and Pakistan's Mohamad Nawaz who finished in fourth position. ------ 2. Programming of adult games Seal Colombia has long had a history of being a public service and culturally-oriented channel, including educational programs in its schedule. In addition, especially in the final years of Inravisin, it was the home to institutional programming and legislative sessions. The creation of Seal Institucional in late 2003 led to those programs moving there. In recent years Seal Colombia has increased its transmission of major sporting events, including the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup, which have significantly boosted its ratings. Outside of those events, its schedule includes many children's programs, educational shows and older Colombian television productions, but lacks regular news and public affairs programming, which is a specialty of Seal Institucional with its multiple newscasts from international news outlets. ------ 3. Blacksmith (truck) of 2010 video games Blacksmith was a monster truck that competed on the Monster Jam circuit. The body of the truck is based on the 1941 Willys Pickup. The truck was first driven by Corey Clark and Pablo Huffaker, with Tina Huffaker, Ryan Huffaker, Aaron Basl, and Norm Miller following. The truck was created and first seen in 2001. It competed at the Monster Jam World Finals six consecutive times since being seen in 2001. In 2007, the truck ran until the Monster Jam World Finals when it was replaced by Captain's Curse, which is now driven by Alex Blackwell. Blacksmith still appears in video games, including Monster Jam: Path of Destruction, which was released in fall of 2010.needs update ------ 4. Puck puzzle of puzzle video games The Puck puzzle (also Picture Disc and Kp Korong in the original Hungarian) is a combination puzzle invented in 1980 by Hungarian physicist Andrs Vgh. The disc shaped puzzle consists of 2 central pieces - the inner disc - and segments forming a ring around the inner disc. The number of segments is an even number - most commonly six, eight, or twelve. The outer ring can be rotated around the central disc, similar to a wheel being rotated around its axis. The two parts of the central disc can also be rotated, together with the attached ring. With these operations, the combination of the parts can be changed. The goal of the game is to obtain a specific combination, such as forming a picture or ordering the number on the segments. ------ 5. List of Chicago Rush seasons of fan games This is a list of seasons completed by the Chicago Rush. The Rush are a professional arena football franchise of the Arena Football League (AFL), based in Chicago, Illinois and play their home games at Allstate Arena. The team was established in 2001. From 2001 to 2011, the Rush made the playoffs in every season of their existence, including winning four division championships. The height of the franchise's history came in the 2006 season, when the Rush won ArenaBowl XX, which is their only ArenaBowl appearance to date. Prior to the 2009 season, the AFL announced that it had suspended operations indefinitely and canceled the 2009 season. Later in 2009, it was announced that the Rush would return for the 2010 season, when the league relaunched. . ------ 6. Summary of games Demish Gaye on the outside and Bralon Taplin in the middle of the track edged out to a slight lead, but down the backstretch it was almost an even stagger across the track. Through the turn, Taplin started to lose ground putting Gaye into the lead coming off the turn. Really as they hit the straightaway, Gaye's one step forward and Anthony Zambrano's one step back were the only thing that interrupted a shoulder to shoulder wall across the track. On the run for home, Taplin and defending champion Lugueln Santos went out the back. Gaye continue to hold the edge as the others struggled. The only one to make a serious forward move was Zambrano, who gained all the way past Gaye to take the win. 17 year old Justin Robinson picked up bronze ------ 7. Fencing at the 2019 Pan American Games Women's pe of single women The women's pe competition of the fencing events at the 2019 Pan American Games was held on August 7 at the Lima Convention Centre. The pe competition consisted of a qualification round followed by a single-elimination bracket with a bronze medal match between the two semifinal losers. Fencing was done to 15 touches or to the completion of three three-minute rounds if neither fencer reached 15 touches by then. At the end of time, the higher-scoring fencer was the winner; a tie resulted in an additional one-minute sudden-death time period. This sudden-death period was further modified by the selection of a draw-winner beforehand; if neither fencer scored a touch during the minute, the predetermined draw-winner won the bout. ------ 8. Club career of dice games Surez played his 200th game in the round 15 match of the Salvadoran League against Once Municipal, having made his debut in 2005 against San Salvador F.C. He has a strong relationship with his brother and is in regular contact with him. In January 2013, Surez signed for Guatemalan side Comunicaciones, on a one-year-long loan deal, which triggered a clause on his contract with parent club A.D. Isidro Metapn, which extended his deal for one year. On 2016, Surez moved to Primera Division newcomer C.D. Sonsonate. He played 1 seasons and left the club. He returned to Isidro Metapn in 2017. Surez announced his retirement from football in May 2018, he played 368 games and 73 goals in the primera division of El Salvador, he won twelve domestic titles; 7 with Isidro Metapan and 5 with Comunicaciones. ------ 9. Wrestling at the 2006 Asian Games Women's freestyle 48 kg of single women The women's freestyle 48 kg wrestling competition at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha was held on 11 December 2006 at the Aspire Hall 4. This freestyle wrestling competition consisted of a single-elimination tournament, with a repechage used to determine the winner of two bronze medals. The two finalists faced off for gold and silver medals. Each wrestler who lost to one of the two finalists moved into the repechage, culminating in a pair of bronze medal matches featuring the semifinal losers each facing the remaining repechage opponent from their half of the bracket. Each bout consisted of up to three rounds, lasting two minutes apiece. The wrestler who scored more points in each round was the winner of that rounds; the bout finished when one wrestler had won two rounds (and thus the match). ------ 10. Stony Brook Seawolves women's lacrosse of puzzle games The Stony Brook Seawolves women's lacrosse team represents Stony Brook University in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I women's college lacrosse. The team is a member of the America East Conference and play their home games at Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium in Stony Brook, New York. Stony Brook has won seven consecutive regular season conference and tournament championships and have established themselves as one of the top women's lacrosse programs in the nation, advancing to the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament twice and spending the majority of their undefeated 2018 season ranked at No. 1 in all of the major polls. From 2017 to 2019, Stony Brook won 29 straight regular season games, and they currently own a 32-game winning streak in conference play. ------ 11. Features of simulation video games As well as the usual seasonal data updates reflecting player movements and competition outcomes, this version of the game sees several new features introduced. For the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, the game introduces two new divisions for the English leagues, the Conference North and Conference South, with up-to-date player statistics for these clubs. Also, for the PSP, numerous features have been introduced such as staff feedback on team selection, and team talks. A new Match Analysis tool has been added to the game which includes many stats for each team and player at the end of a match. A demo has been released on the PC and is available on the Championship Manager website. The layout and controls of the game, especially on the PlayStation Portable, have been made much more complicated since Championship Manager 2006. ------ 12. Hoy railway station of platform games Hoy was a railway station located northeast of Halkirk, Highland. The station opened on 28 July 1874 and closed to regular passenger traffic on 29 November 1965. It was located on the north side of the B874 road on the east side of the village of Halkirk, next to the current railway level crossing. Also at the former station site are military fuel tanks, visible as grass covered mounds, that were built to serve nearby airfields. The Halkirk Games, first organized in 1886, were held in a nearby field. Along with Georgemas Junction and Halkirk, it was one of three stations serving Halkirk prior to the Beeching closures of the 1960s. Georgemas Junction, which is 2 miles east of Halkirk village, remains open. ------ 13. Track listing of kids games "Running in the Family" (3:57) (from Running in the Family) "The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)" (3:35) (from Standing in the Light) "Something About You" (3:44) (from World Machine) "Tracie" (3:22) (from Staring at the Sun) "Starchild' (3:52) (from Level 42) "It's Over" (4:42) (from Running in the Family) "Hot Water" (3:39) (from True Colours) "Take Care of Yourself" (4:28) (new song) "Heaven in My Hands" (4:09) (from Staring at the Sun) "Children Say" (4:28) (from Running in the Family) "Love Games" (4:32) (from Level 42) "The Chinese Way" (3:57) (from The Pursuit of Accidents) "Leaving Me Now" (3:31) (from World Machine) "Lessons in Love" (4:00) (from Running in the Family) "Micro-kid" (3:47) (from Standing in the Light) "Take a Look" (4:41) (from Staring at the Sun) "To Be With You Again" (3:55) (from Running in the Family) "The Chant Has Begun" (4:17) (from True Colours) ------ 14. Joe Blade 2 of adventure video games Joe Blade 2 took a rather different approach to the first game. Instead of being a soldier, Blade was this time a vigilante taking to the city to rid the streets of criminals, rescuing old-age pensioners along the way. Blade was no longer armed with a gun, and had to jump over villains, just touching them with his feet, to dispatch them. This almost surreal take on the game was in stark contrast to the comparatively more gritty realism of the first installment. The game was also known for being considerably easier than the first title, almost to the point where many players managed to complete the game in one hour-long sitting. The Spectrum version of the game featured a version of Invade-a-Load featuring Pac Man. ------ 15. Games published of sword & sorcery 2006LocoMania War World Ship Simulator 2006 Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle Sword of the Stars Keepsake2007Darkness Within: October 2007 Delaware St. John: Volume 12: February 2007 Delaware St. John: Volume 3: June 2007 Ship Simulator 2006 Add-On: February 2007 Warpath: February 2007 Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood 2007 Undercover: Operation Wintersun - September 2007 Ship Simulator 2008 Avencast: Rise of the Mage November 2007 SunAge: November 2007 WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger: 16 November 20072008Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons April 2008 Overclocked: A History of Violence - April 2008 Belief & Betrayal - June 2008 (Excluding The Benelux) The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure - July 2008 (UK) Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows - October 2008 Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches - October 2008Ship Simulator: ExtremesIt will be the first game in the series that was not published by Lighthouse Interactive, but by Paradox Inc.
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