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Introduction to 360 Video
1. Promotion of 360 video Lead trackOn February 3, 2020, a music video teaser for the lead track "Infinity" was released, followed by a short version and making video two days later. The song was also aired for the first time on J-Wave's Step One. On February 16, the full music video was released. Sho Yonashiro commented: "Protostar implies our wish that we, who were ordinary people, gather and become stars. And "Infinity" is a song that embodies the infinite possibilities and infinite growth of JO1." To further promote the EP, an animated music video for "Running" and a short performance video of "La Pa Pa Pam" were also released. "Infinity" is used as the theme song for the TV commercial of ABC-Mart x Nike's project titled Nike One. The song was also used as an ending song for TV Asahi's show Sonna Koto Kangaetakoto Nakatta Quiz! Torinikku-tte Nanno Niku!? and a Kansai TV's variety show Chihara Junior no Zao. Upon its release, "Infinity" lead other songs from the EP on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 by ranking first on that week. Live performancesOn March 24, 2020, JO1 had their first live performance ever on a TV program by performing "Infinity" on NTV's morning show Sukkiri. The group delivered a special "home performance" of "La Pa Pa Pam" on Mezamashi Uchi Festival, a special episode of Fuji TV's Mezamashi TV due to the COVID-19 pandemic on May 4. The performance featured combined images of the members performing at their home and doing various activities at home. Subsequently, the group performed remotely on various TV shows, such as Love Music and NHK's Shibuya Note. JO1 performed songs from the EP in KCON:TACT 2020 Summer, making them the first Japanese boy group to ever participate in the convention. ------ 2. Career of 360 video Once he graduated, he found employment doing tenor roles in an opera company that made its performances at the Teatro Tacn. He toured in Puerto Rico by 1840, then returned to Cuba, where he lived. Later he joined the opera company of Stefano Busatti, that finally led him to Puerto Rico in 1860. When the company disappeared he moved to Mayagez. In Mayagez he founded a new company of comedies: Compaa Dramtica Astol (The Astol Drama Company). Flix Astol, was author of several pieces of popular music, but his most famous work was the dance Bellsima triguea (Georgeus brunette), composed in 1867. Conceived as a love song, it has had several versions throughout Latin America. In Cuba had the title of Mi amor (My love). In Brazil it was named Encantadora infancia (Lovely childhood). In Peru has two versions, one of them is named Bellsima peruana (Georgeus Peruvian). In Haiti is danced and in Venezuela is well known too. But the most popular version is "La Borinquea", adopted as the official anthem of Puerto Rico. The revolutionary lyrics written by Lola Rodguez de Ti a year after the composition of the danza, became the popular anthem. It was a time of great turbulence in Puerto Rico, as a nationalist revolution against Spain was sweeping across the political landscape. The lyrics were in keeping with that spirit. However, the lyrics known and sung today are attributed to Manuel Fernndez Juncos per the request of the new Commonwealth, as Lola's were yet again deemed too revolutionary. He died in Mayagez on January 21, 1901. ------ 3. El Rey del Valle of 360 video El Rey del Valle is a drama television series created by Juan Camilo Ferrand, and produced by Sony Pictures Television and Claro Video, that premiered on Claro Video on 23 August 2018. The series will stars Osvaldo Benavides, Daniel Tovar, and Paulina Gaitn. Principal photography began on 24 January 2018, and the series will consist of two seasons each of thirteen episodes. ------ 4. Flix Astol Arts of 360 video Flix Astol i Arts (October 9, 1813 January 21, 1901) was a Spanish musician and composer from Catalonia best known for being the co-composer of "La Borinquea", the National Anthem of Puerto Rico. ------ 5. Protostar (JO1 EP) of 360 video Protostar (stylized as PROTOSTAR) is an extended play (EP) marketed as the debut single of Japanese boy group JO1, formed through the reality competition show Produce 101 Japan. Consisting of songs previously performed on the last episode of the show and three new songs, the EP was released by Lapone Entertainment into three different editions on March 4, 2020. Upon its release, the EP earned the top spot on Oricon Singles Chart and received a Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. The lead track "Infinity" also peaked atop the Billboard Japan Hot 100. ------ 6. Bibliography of 360 video Flix Astol Borinquen (La Borinquea), danza, y aguinaldos populares del folklore de Puerto Rico. Para piano y canto en Espanol Ingls, con acordes para la guitarra New York: Spanish Music Center, 1971 (OCLC 11156873) Francisco Zamora, Isabel Escab Autgrafo: seres ordinarios con vidas extraordinarias. Gua del maestro San Juan: People Television, 1997 Autgrafo : seres ordinarios con vidas extraordinarias. Volumen XIII: La Borinquea Vdeo San Juan: People Television, Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mndez, 1997 Monserrate Deliz El himno de Puerto Rico; estudio crtico de "La Borinquea" Madrid: GIDA, 1957 ------ 7. Cast of 360 video Osvaldo Benavides as Luis Miguel del Valle Daniel Tovar as Jos dgar "Joed" Contreras Biassini Segura as Wilmer Camacho Paulina Gaitn as Margarita Guzmn Eduardo Victoria as Alejandro del Valle Laura Perico as Anabel del Valle Matas Moreno as Vitorn del Valle Hctor Holten as Emiliano Guzmn Lauren Emilia Ceballos as Xochitl Samadhi Zendejas as Chayo ------ 8. Background and release of 360 video Shortly after the end of Produce 101 Japan, JO1 was revealed to fly to South Korea for the preparation and the production of their debut. On January 14, it was revealed that the group's debut EP single was titled Protostar and would be released on March 4 with "Infinity" as the lead track. A concept trailer was released on January 28, 2020. "Protostar" consists of songs previously performed on the last episode of the show and three new songs that were released into three different editions. The first edition is a CD and DVD bundle limited edition that includes a making video for "Infinity" and a talk segment with members. The second edition is a CD and photo booklet bundle limited edition. The third edition is a normal edition that includes the new songs: "Infinity", "Running", and "La Pa Pa Pam". To commemorate the EP's release and the group's debut, a special live streaming event was held on the group's official Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel. ------ 9. Ragga Ragga of 360 video "Ragga Ragga" is a song by Malawian-born artist and record producer Gemini Major. It was released on June 10, 2016 for free digital downloads and on June 24, 2016 on iTunes by Family Tree Records. The song, produced by Gemini Major, features Riky Rick, Cassper Nyovest, Nadia Nakai and Major League DJz. . ------ 10. Commercial performance of 360 video Shortly after its release, "Protostar" peaked at number one on iTunes's real-time album charts in five regions in addition to Japan, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. The EP debuted at number one on Oricon's Daily Singles Chart with an estimate of 215,409 copies sold. It remained at the top spot for seven consecutive days and ranked number one on Weekly Singles Chart with 327,187 sold. Subsequently, it ranked third on the Monthly Singles Chart. The single also topped Billboard Japan's Top Single Sales. According to SoundScan Japan, the single ranked seventh on their singles chart for the first quarter of 2020. It later received a Platinum certification by the RIAJ for surpassing 250,000 copies sold. The single's continuous commercial success made JO1 included in various mid-year rankings. The group ranked eighteenth on Billboard Japan's 2020 Mid-Year Top Artists, a chart that combines points from Japan Hot 100 and Japan Hot Albums for the first half of 2020, and ranked eighth on the 2020 Mid-Year Top Singles Sales. They also ranked sixth on Oricon's Mid-Year Singles Sales and tenth on Total Singles Sales. The group also ranked second on New Artist Total Sales ranking by earning an estimate of 640 million yen from one single alone. SoundScan Japan later reported the single has sold 387,000 copies and earned the ninth place on their singles chart for the first half of 2020. ------ 11. Early life of 360 video Arts was born in Reus, in Catalonia, region of Spain on October 9, 1813, but he moved to Cuba in 1828 to evading military service. Forced to enlist, he joined the band of one of the battalions based in Havana
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