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1. Terms of settlement of v&a furniture Justice Finkelstein was informed of the settlement terms by interested parties. He described these to the court, which specified that the respondents, Birtles, Goble and Shorrock, were not to use the band name, trade marks or logos of Little River Band as their name or part thereof. They would be able to refer to themselves as the original members of LRB "but always only in a descriptive way in promotional and advertising material. " He also declared his disappointment that the parties had not resolved their disputes without resorting to a court case. ------ 2. Aftermath of v&a furniture In Australia media reported on the case in June and the settlement in July 2002. The July 2002 settlement was repeatedly tested, including the blocking of a retrospective DVD, Little River Band: Its a Long Way There, created by Birtles, Shorrock and Goble in 2004 which used historical concert footage. Housden challenged the manner in which BSG described their link to LRB in promotional material and recordings. Little River Band's classic line-up of Birtles, David Briggs, Goble, Pellici, George McArdle and Shorrock were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on 17 October 2004. They performed "Help Is on the Way", one of the group's early songs, as "Classic Line-up of the Little River Band" or "Little River Band: Classic Line-up" during the ceremony, which was broadcast. Other former or current members were not included in Little River Band's inducton into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Further legal action ensued in Australia, with We Two Pty Ltd v Shorrock (No 2) (2005) presided by Justice Finkelstein, in early July 2005. Both claim and counterclaim were dismissed and judgement reserved pending the outcome of another case being heard at the United States District Court of Florida. In late July of that year BSG and Housden reached a settlement in both cases with BSG allowed to refer to their heritage as the singers, songwriters and former members of LRB. Birtles Shorrock Goble continued to perform and record until late September 2007. The BSG members have taken out their frustration with the legal situation through song: Goble's "Someone's Taken Our History" (September 2006), Birtles' "Revolving Door" (December 2012), and Shorrock's "Hear My Voice" (July 2016). As from October 2020 LRB continued to perform, largely in the US, and have released new material as well as re-recorded work written by the members of BSG and other early members. ------ 3. Supreme Court of v&a furniture Prior to certifying Jones' case, the Supreme Court had been considering the case of Mathena v. Malvo (Docket 18-217), a similar case out of Virginia involving Lee Boyd Malvo which raised the question if courts must determine if a juvenile is deemed incorrigible before passing a life sentence. Oral arguments had been held in October 2019, during which the Justices referred back to Montgomery; Justice Kavanaugh recognized that a ruling had to differentiate "someone who's merely immature as opposed to incorrigible". Due to a change in Virginia's state law, the case was rendered moot before the Court could deliver the opinion. Jones' case was certified by the Supreme Court in March 2020. Oral hearings were held on November 3, 2020. ------ 4. Issues involved in the case of v&a furniture The specific legal challenge in the case was based on whether Michigan's child support laws apply to men and women equally. If not, then it was argued by Dubay's attorney that they violate Equal Protection. Jeffrey Cojocar, Dubay's attorney, maintained that Michigan does not force women to make child support payments for children that they do not want to parent, and accordingly, men should not have to either. The argument made by the state of Michigan, as well as by the National Organization for Women and the Association for Children for Enforcement of Support, was that the needs of the child for support from both parents outweigh any of the circumstances surrounding the birth. The argument for why the case paralleled the Roe v. Wade ruling by the United States Supreme Court was that in Roe v. Wade, it was decided that women have the ability to decline parenthood in the event of an unintended pregnancy. This case was claimed to be about giving men that same reproductive choice, by offering the possibility of a "financial abortion". Additional issues involved in the case were whether a man should have responsibility placed on him when his decisions were based on misleading information provided by someone else about her ability or intentions to have a child, and whether states pursue men too aggressively for child support payments due to the financial incentives they have to avoid having to provide public assistance. ------ 5. Background of v&a furniture Little River Band (LRB), a pop rock music group, were formed in Melbourne in March 1975 by Beeb Birtles (born Gerard Bertelkamp), Graham Davidge, Graeham Goble, Dave Orams, Derek Pellicci and Glenn Shorrock. They were managed by Glenn Wheatley and Goble and Wheatley formed The Little River Band Pty Ltd, a holding company, in 1975. The group had commercial success in Australia and the United States. In January 1981 Stephen Housden joined the line-up of Birtles, Goble, Pellicci, Shorrock, Mal Logan and Wayne Nelson. Birtles left them in 1983 and Wheatley resigned as manager in 1987. In 1987 We Two Pty Ltd was established, as the holding company for Little River Band, by then-current members Goble, Housden, Nelson, Pellicci and Shorrock as directors in equal share. In 1988 Goble and Wheatley had transferred ownership of the band name, Little River Band, and associated trademarks, logos and assets from their holding company to the new one, We Two Pty Ltd. Goble left the band and the company in 1992 and was followed successively by Nelson and Shorrock in 1996, and Pellicci in 1998. Thereby Housden was the sole owner of We Two Pty Ltd. Thereafter new or returning members of LRB were contracted to his company. Birtles Shorrock Goble (BSG), another pop rock group, were formed in early 2002 by the former members of Little River Band. They were managed by Wheatley, who revived The Little River Band Pty Ltd, as their holding company with himself and the three members of BSG as directors. They intended to advertise themselves as birtLes shoRrock goBle (highlighting LRB) "The Original Little River Band" or "The Voices of Little River Band". After Housden learnt of the new group he gained a legal injunction for the trio to cease and desist in the use of the name, Little River Band, which led to the court case. ------ 6. Court case of v&a furniture Justice Raymond Finkelstein of the Federal Court of Australia presided over We Two Pty Ltd v Shorrock (2002) or more fully We Two Pty Ltd v Glenn Barrie Shorrock, Gerard Bertelkamp and Graehame Goble (2002) FCA 875. Written submission began on 17 June 2002. We Two Pty Ltd, the applicant, was represented by counsels M J Colbran QC and S Hinchey and by solicitor Deacons. Glenn Shorrock, Gerard Bertelkamp and Graeham Goble, the respondents were represented by counsel J Bleechmore and solicitor Ronald V Tait. Housden provided documentation to the court showing the assignment of the Little River Band trademarks to We Two, registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1989, and Birtles' transfer of ownership of the url "littleriverband.com" to We Two in 2000. Housden also provided evidence of We Two's use of the trademark during the statutory period, hence The Little River Band Pty Ltd withdrew their crossclaim. On the second day of the case the cross-claimants sought a settlement with We Two Pty Ltd. Justice Finkelstein was then asked to rule on any costs owing by any of the parties. On 12 July 2002 he announced his findings and gave the reasons for his decision. He ruled that half the taxed costs of We Two Pty Ltd would be paid by the respondents, The Little River Band Pty Ltd. ------ 7. Dubay v. Wells of v&a furniture The Matt Dubay child support case was a legal case in 2006 between Matt Dubay and his ex-girlfriend Lauren Wells, both of Saginaw Township, Michigan. The case was dubbed "Roe v. Wade for Men" by the National Center for Men. The case concerned whether the Michigan Paternity Act violates the United States Constitution's Equal Protection Clause, in that the Act allegedly applies to men but not to women. . ------ 8. History of the case of v&a furniture In the fall of 2004, Dubay and Wells became involved in a romantic relationship. Dubay claimed in court documents that he informed Wells he had no interest in becoming a father. He also claimed in court documents that in response, she said she was infertile and that, as an extra layer of protection, she was using contraception. The parties' relationship later deteriorated. Shortly thereafter, Wells informed Dubay she was pregnant, allegedly with his child. She chose to carry the child to term and the child was born on an unspecified date in 2005. Dubay claimed in court documents that he consistently told Wells that he did not want to be a father, throughout the pregnancy, and after the birth of the child. ------ 9. We Two Pty Ltd v Shorrock of v&a furniture We Two Pty Ltd v Shorrock (2002) was presided by Justice Raymond Finkelstein of the Federal Court of Australia, Melbourne to determine the ownership of the name, Little River Band, its trademarks, logos and associated assets. We Two Pty Ltd, the applicant, was established in 1987 and had been solely owned by Stephen Housden of the music group, Little River Band since 1998. The respondents, Glenn Shorrock, Gerard Bertelkamp (p.k.a. Beeb Birtles) and Graeham Goble, were all founding members of the same group, in 1975. Housden had joined them in 1981. The case involved a counterclaim, The Little River Band Pty Ltd v We Two Pty Ltd, to remove the trademark due to lack of use and return it on the basis of prior ownership. The counter-claimant, The Little River Band Pty Ltd, was a holding company formed in 1975 by Goble and the group's then-talent manager Glenn Wheatley. Early in 2002 Birtles, Shorrock and Goble had formed a music trio, which performed variously as "The Original Little River Band" or "The Voices of Little River Band" and were managed by Wheatley. When Housden was informed he sought a legal injuction for the trio to cease and desist in the use of the name, Little River Band, which led to the court case. Housden provided documentation to the court showing the assignment of the Little River Band trademarks to We Two, and Birtles' transfer of ownership of the url "littleriverband.com" to We Two in 2000. Housden also provided evidence of We Two's use of the trademark during the statutory period. On the second day of the case the cross-claimants The Little River Band Pty Ltd sought a settlement with We Two Pty Ltd. The terms of the settlement were provided to the judge. He was also asked to rule on any costs owing. Justice Finkelstein ruled that half the taxed costs of We Two Pty Ltd would be paid by the respondents. ------ 10. Legal action of v&a furniture On March 9, 2006, the National Center for Men challenged the child support order in District Court. Michigan's Attorney General made a motion to have the case dismissed, and on July 17, 2006, District Court Judge David M. Lawson agreed and dismissed Dubay's lawsuit. The National Center for Men appealed the case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on May 14, 2007. Oral arguments began September 10, 2007, and in November the appeals court affirmed the District court decision, noting precedent stating that "the Fourteenth Amendment does not deny to the State the power to treat different classes of persons in different ways." In its dismissal of the case, the U.S. Court of Appeals (Sixth Circuit) stated that: Dubay's claim that a man's right to disclaim fatherhood would be analogous to a woman's right to abortion rests upon a false analogy. In the case of a father seeking to opt out of fatherhood and thereby avoid child support obligations, the child is already in existence and the state therefore has an important interest in providing for his or her support.The National Center for Men asked Dubay to appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, but Dubay declined.
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